Seamless access to data & applications, irrespective of the location

Deliver High Performance & Mobility

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Tailor-made Data Networking & Telecommunication Solutions

Every modern day business today requires a powerful network solution for rapid access to information and faster communication systems. In addition to having a network solution, it’s always better and advisable that your organization opt for a managed wireless network solution for seamless business communications.

Why Businesses opt for Wireless Network Solutions?

The digital era has developed a need for tailor-made data networking and telecommunication solutions for every businesses and organizations of all sorts, such as small, medium and enterprise. In that, wireless solution provides users and employees with seamless access to an organization's data and applications regardless of their physical location.

Get Transformed.

Wireless network solutions play a vital role and is one of the crucial factors that contribute to the success of a business today, as it offers enterprise-wide timely access to organization data and applications from anywhere.

Easily manage your business and organization with an efficient wireless network solution, and as a part of your IT infrastructure it will help deliver performance that mobile users require where they can manage official tasks on the go.

Gain More - Unified Wireless Network

All most all devices in this digital world communicates through wireless technology including mobile phone, iPad, Laptop and Tablet, which are dependent on a wireless network to access data stored anywhere on the web or network.

Improve Wireless Security & Scalability

Boost Productivity & User Experience

Enable Rapid Access To The Network

Reduce Setup Time For Any Location

With Scalable Wireless Solutions, we offer

Cherrie provides wireless network Design, Implementation, and Consultancy services for organizations to help achieve business goals. Our network and IT support engineers are experienced in creating a perfect platform for monitoring and managing the performance of a network from a centralized location. We pride ourselves on our wireless and mobility solutions, creating a secure wireless network for all kinds of traffic while also integrating our services with core network that helps us facilitate mobility to users.

Indoor Wireless Solutions

Cherrie's network solution experts are capable of building a robust wireless network from scratch, to perform at its peak with a secure, seamless connection assuring the service delivery even in the most challenging environments.

  • Deliver Broadband Internet Access
  • Leased line replacement which eliminates telecom costs
  • Inter-building LAN extension
  • Wireless LAN / WAN / MAN
  • Increase network capacity communication links
  • Centralized server, data storage and backup
  • Remote video surveillance monitoring, video conferencing
  • Multi-location VoIP system
  • Connection to remote premise or network

Outdoor Wireless Solutions

Experts at Cherrie are always committed in providing seamless business class communication services between multiple corporate facilities/premises which is required for modern day business trends.

  • Automatic discovery deployment and APs configurations
  • Centralized configuration and management.
  • Scalable solution with platforms for large enterprise or branch offices.
  • Integrates easily with existing infrastructure
  • Provides intelligent application control and lead balancing
  • Multi-layered security including WPA, WPA2, 802.1x, Automatic rogue access point detection and mitigation without lowering client performance.
  • Location based user and group access policies to comply with and enforce corporate security requirements and standards.

Cherrie Business Solutions works with some of the top wireless networking brands that provide enterprise mobility solutions, including

Our network integration solution team is fully aware of business trends, design networks, and organizational requirements and offers customized services that are compliant with the latest industry standards and suit your specific organizational needs.

Here's What Our Clients Say!

Cherrie Business Solutions has made a significant impact on United Metal Coating LLC’s digital transformation with Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP implementation and Server & Network infrastructure upgrade. When it comes to Information Technology there are loads of commentators that talk a good game, but CBS experts help you make it happen. They did everything with almost no time or effort for us! The best part was that we could completely trust their team to achieve our goals professionally.

Mr. L. SridharanManaging Partner - United Metal Coating LLC

"I am very pleased with the quality of the services offered at Cherrie Business Solutions, and sincerely appreciate their responsiveness and high professionalism towards conducting their business with us - ultimately aiming for client's satisfaction at any circumstance. I personally have recommended their products and services to many of my counterparts. We look forward to conduct business with you for years to come.
All The Best For your Endeavors.”

Mr. R. V. KrishnanCEO - Indigatech

"I would like to present my utmost gratitude to Cherrie Business Solutions for their decisive & exceptional Microsoft ERP system implementation for our United Iron & Steel Manufacturing Mill. They went out of their way to guarantee that our workflow & team ran smoothly to achieve maximum operational efficiency. From accounting, production, inventory & for many more they created unique algorithms to ensure that the system could easily be adopted & that each employee would be able to adapt to it quickly; it was very user friendly. In the end Cherrie helped us extensively in operating and managing the workflow of our establishment like I believe no other can. There is no other company I would suggest for ERP system customization. Great Job and thank you Cherrie Business Solutions."

Mr. Souheil HatoumCEO - United Iron & Steel Company

"My heartiest appreciation towards Cherrie Business Solutions for redesigned Interflex's Web site . You have surpassed our expectation and sincerely acknowledge the hard work and dedication that Cherrie Business Solutions' team had shown. Wish you all the very best."

Mr. Mintoo JacobGeneral Manager - Interflex Trading LLC

Our Valuable Clients

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