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Cherrie HRMS is a personalized HR Management software that envisions building a happier workforce, and takes care of all your HR processes while you take care of your employees - from onboarding and attendance management to time tracking and appraisals.

The most advanced, user-friendly HR Management software works well for small, medium & enterprises. With Cherrie HRMS, you can choose exactly what your business needs and leave behind the rest.

We Understand Your Unique Needs!

Whether you are in a specific functional area or a particular industry, our platform is user-friendly, easy to experience, and leverages the most advanced technology innovations to deliver maximum business value.

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  • Automate the routine and time-consuming HR tasks and improve the productivity of the workforce.
  • Employee recruitment, Records management, Employee onboarding, Benefits, Timesheets and other administrative tasks; customize according to your HR workflow with more ease.
  • Get rid of paper works, capture, store, secure and access information in a more efficient way.
  • Complete the processes in simple steps and channelize efforts to more strategic routes.

Strategic Management

  • Support long-term business objectives with a strategic HR management framework.
  • Focus on long-term resource mobilization according to the organization's goals.
  • Plan & implement quality improvement programs, appraisal, appreciation, and rewards for employees; determine how they can integrate into the overall business strategy.
  • From employee recruitment to retirement, plan a strategic framework for each individual, which will be beneficial for both the employee and the organization.

Employee Engagement

  • Let the employees manage themselves and you just guide them for increaded productivity and compliance.
  • Enable employee engagements & participation at all levels to drive more business results.
  • Employee self-service portals connected with enterprise social platforms, gamification, appraisal methods and feedback systems.
  • Prompt update on employee benefits and quality improvement methods to promote self-directed work culture.

Analyze and Improve

  • From recruitment to retention, master the huge volume of HR data and perfectly utilize it to reap the maximum productivity.
  • Get insight into employee performance, analyze leaves and absence, enhance employee recruitment process and find better quality candidates, evaluate employee engagement and take the swift decision.
  • Be informed and work for the long-term goals - Custom reports, drill down tables, pie chart and bar diagrams give a holistic as well as categorized reports of HR assets.

Next generation HR and Employee Self Service (ESS) in one powerful yet simple solution.

  • Maintain roles and privileges for various employee groups within your organization.
  • Customize and manage Cherrie HRMS' full-featured, flexible solutions to meet your organization's needs.
  • Track and manage each employee's available time-off and vacation dates, and define the prerequisites for adding an employee.
  • A fully equipped performance appraisal module allows managers to assess employees' performance over a specific period and empowers organizations to build their own appraisal process.
  • Managers can define future training needs and provide the employee with a benchmark for objectives.
  • Allows employees to provide self-appraisal ratings and comments. Also, enables managers to provide employee performance feedback and offer suggestions.
  • Generate custom reports with the ability to view and/or export to Excel or PDF.
  • User activity, attrition rates, employees by department, and other essential reports are included with the system.
  • Define long & short-term goals, and set the course for your organization using comprehensive analytics with a broad range of features.
  • Assign agencies to perform background checks, and track their progress.
  • Perform comprehensive candidates’ background verifications.
  • Compilation of prior history, along with accuracy checks, ensures the job candidates have provided genuine information.
  • Define leave management options for a department or an entire business unit by determining weekends, number of working hours, permission to transfer leaves and many such awesome features.
  • Determine leave calendar for holiday groups and associate them with employees individually.
  • Centralized leaves summary of all employees enabling you to view employees leave information.
  • Allows employees to raise a request and view its status.
  • Manage and configure service request settings and allows employees to submit requests or report incidents.
  • Define request categories and types, and assign executors and approvers at multiple levels.
  • This cluster features a full-cycle resource requisition process, capable of both creating resource requisitions and obtaining requisition approval from multiple levels.
  • Monitor and maintain the requisition process, starting with request initialization, all the way to candidate CV management and everything in between.
  • This module includes
    • Scheduling interviews
    • Shortlisting
    • Selecting candidate.
  • Keep track of interview rounds, along with accompanying feedback and shortlist candidates.
  • Before scheduling an interview, the user will be able to view comments of each interviewer in previous rounds.
  • Schedule interviews based on the interviewer's availability.
  • Receive interview schedule alerts on your custom dashboard.
  • Schedule next level interviews for selected candidates.
  • Formulate questions to evaluate managers' performance and optimize productivity.
  • Empower employees to appraise their managers' overall performance.
  • View managers' overall rating and appraisal, by question or by employee.
  • Define time-off options for a department or an entire business unit. Determine weekends, work hours, transfer requests, and so much more.
  • Create and assign a time-off calendar for holiday groups.
  • A centralized summary allows privileged users to view each employee's available time-off and vacation dates.
  • Get more visibility and manage Employee expenses efficiently.
  • Easy to create and submit expenses for approval.
  • Enable Managers to get an overview of Employees' entire Trip Expenses at one go.
  • Keep a track of your organization’s assets and assign them to Employees.
  • Store and maintain comprehensive asset information.
  • Employees can raise requests to replace or repair assets, which have stopped working.
  • Save valuable time and view important information at a glance.
  • Avoid tiresome menu redirections.
  • Never miss an announcement or birthday in your organization.
  • Streamline your disciplinary incident management process.
  • Record disciplinary incidents, action taken and employee statement.
  • Monitor and track employees’ disciplinary incidents.
  • Smooth & hassle free Employee Exit Process.
  • Raise and manage Employee Exit Requests easily.
  • Create customized Exit Interview Questions.
  • Put an end to time-consuming administration and paperwork by allowing employees to access and modify information related to them.
  • Maximize your organization’s performance. Efficiently manage and accurately track time-off details. Schedule meetings and events based on the availability of teammates.
  • Empower managers with the ability to view, modify team member details, and customize & generate reports.

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Cherrie Business Solutions has made a significant impact on United Metal Coating LLC’s digital transformation with Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP implementation and Server & Network infrastructure upgrade. When it comes to Information Technology there are loads of commentators that talk a good game, but CBS experts help you make it happen. They did everything with almost no time or effort for us! The best part was that we could completely trust their team to achieve our goals professionally.

Mr. L. SridharanManaging Partner - United Metal Coating LLC

"I am very pleased with the quality of the services offered at Cherrie Business Solutions, and sincerely appreciate their responsiveness and high professionalism towards conducting their business with us - ultimately aiming for client's satisfaction at any circumstance. I personally have recommended their products and services to many of my counterparts. We look forward to conduct business with you for years to come.
All The Best For your Endeavors.”

Mr. R. V. KrishnanCEO - Indigatech

"I would like to present my utmost gratitude to Cherrie Business Solutions for their decisive & exceptional Microsoft ERP system implementation for our United Iron & Steel Manufacturing Mill. They went out of their way to guarantee that our workflow & team ran smoothly to achieve maximum operational efficiency. From accounting, production, inventory & for many more they created unique algorithms to ensure that the system could easily be adopted & that each employee would be able to adapt to it quickly; it was very user friendly. In the end Cherrie helped us extensively in operating and managing the workflow of our establishment like I believe no other can. There is no other company I would suggest for ERP system customization. Great Job and thank you Cherrie Business Solutions."

Mr. Souheil HatoumCEO - United Iron & Steel Company

"My heartiest appreciation towards Cherrie Business Solutions for redesigned Interflex's Web site . You have surpassed our expectation and sincerely acknowledge the hard work and dedication that Cherrie Business Solutions' team had shown. Wish you all the very best."

Mr. Mintoo JacobGeneral Manager - Interflex Trading LLC

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