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Transform Your Phone Communication System

Businesses of all sizes are moving towards IP telephony systems for faster speeds, better multimedia streaming quality, mobility and lower cost. Numerous researches show that organizations who moved towards IP and VoIP systems are already saving up to 90% on their telephone costs. So if you are still using the POTS - Plain Old Telephone Service integrated with your PBX system, it's time for your to transform your phone communication system.





In today's world the voice communication is one of the crucial elements for the success of your business. No matter what the nature of your business is, your employees need a secure way to communicate with customers, contact prospective clients and conduct business operations, seamlessly.

Why Businesses adopt IP Telephony System?

Since IP telephony systems are essentially SaaS deployments, you can integrate your phone system with other powerful business applications such as ERP, CRM. customer databases, integrated email, and even SMS operations. IP technology gives employees and customers the tools they need to interact more efficiently with each other, leading to greater business outcomes, improved customer experience and satisfaction.

Our Business Telephony solutions combined with flexible integration allows seamless voice and video conferencing across the globe, concurrently.

Mobility & Scalability

A must have system if remote offices, multiple locations and contact centers are involved your business. Rather having multiple physical devices, you can easily configure the IP phone system using a simple web interface. Your offices can go fully mobile in a matter of seconds and can scale their communications up and down with an IP solution.

Flexible Integration

IP phones easily integrates with existing infrastructure such as fax machines, alarms, and credit card readers etc. Send and receive faxes via email, transmit credit card data with improved speed through a network connected system while increasing the functionality and productivity within your key business processes.

Seamless Transmission

Businesses operating across country and worldwide IP phone systems offer more than voice connections and are equipped to handle conference calls, video calls, and other meetings where the simultaneous streaming of audio and video are crucial. We eliminate all redundancies by consolidating conferencing necessities into one solution.

Data & Bandwidth

Modern IP systems use Voice Activation Detection to compress silent data as much as possible that are spent during conversations. Thus reducing the charges for the silence / empty overlay occurred in the conversation. The IP system handles your total bandwidth allocation thus making voice-to-voice calls efficient uses of data.

Lower Costs

Traditional T-1 lines require enterprise organizations to pay for a channel, even when it’s not in use. But you only pay for the data you use with SIP trunking and you gain audio, video, and private teleconferencing features without needing to pay for extra channels. So everything about upgrading to IP phone system brings down the operating costs.

Easy Maintenance

Installation, configuration and maintenance of an IP phone system can be done through in-house network engineers, or through authorized business partners.Moreover, managing the IP phone system via web does not require additional expertise. Also the IP system does not require any proprietary hardware or feature updates.

Here's What Our Clients Say!

Cherrie Business Solutions has made a significant impact on United Metal Coating LLC’s digital transformation with Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP implementation and Server & Network infrastructure upgrade. When it comes to Information Technology there are loads of commentators that talk a good game, but CBS experts help you make it happen. They did everything with almost no time or effort for us! The best part was that we could completely trust their team to achieve our goals professionally.

Mr. L. SridharanManaging Partner - United Metal Coating LLC

"I am very pleased with the quality of the services offered at Cherrie Business Solutions, and sincerely appreciate their responsiveness and high professionalism towards conducting their business with us - ultimately aiming for client's satisfaction at any circumstance. I personally have recommended their products and services to many of my counterparts. We look forward to conduct business with you for years to come.
All The Best For your Endeavors.”

Mr. R. V. KrishnanCEO - Indigatech

"I would like to present my utmost gratitude to Cherrie Business Solutions for their decisive & exceptional Microsoft ERP system implementation for our United Iron & Steel Manufacturing Mill. They went out of their way to guarantee that our workflow & team ran smoothly to achieve maximum operational efficiency. From accounting, production, inventory & for many more they created unique algorithms to ensure that the system could easily be adopted & that each employee would be able to adapt to it quickly; it was very user friendly. In the end Cherrie helped us extensively in operating and managing the workflow of our establishment like I believe no other can. There is no other company I would suggest for ERP system customization. Great Job and thank you Cherrie Business Solutions."

Mr. Souheil HatoumCEO - United Iron & Steel Company

"My heartiest appreciation towards Cherrie Business Solutions for redesigned Interflex's Web site . You have surpassed our expectation and sincerely acknowledge the hard work and dedication that Cherrie Business Solutions' team had shown. Wish you all the very best."

Mr. Mintoo JacobGeneral Manager - Interflex Trading LLC

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